A Super Family Superbowl - Palm Beach Moms

I believe that a bad Super Bowl halftime show is still better than a soccer game. – Ron White

He’s not wrong.  Ha.  But seriously, no matter if you have a team or not and if they are playing or not, you can make a fun day of the Superbowl spectacle in the comfort of your own home.

Super Bowl LVI (56) will be played at 6:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, Feb. 13.

Fun for little hands

Crafts. Print some free downloadable coloring pages.  We made the one below for you.

Flick Table football 

  1. Place your (8.5 by 11 inches) paper on the folding surface in front of you, and orient it so one of the long sides is closest to you. Now fold the paper lengthwise to create a long rectangle.  Crease the paper, and unfold it.
  2. Fold the long sides of the paper in toward the center crease you made in the previous step. Refold the paper along the original center crease to create a long, thin rectangle.
  3. Take one end of the rectangle, and bring one corner over to create a right triangle. Crease the fold, and then bring the entire triangle up on itself to create another triangle. Repeat this process to wrap the length of the paper around the triangle until there is only a small part left.
  4. Hold your folded triangle down, and fold the remaining paper up almost all the way. Tuck the remaining flap inside your triangle.
  5. You are ready to play!  Toss a coin to see who goes first.
  6.  The coin toss winner goes first by using her thumb and forefinger to flick the origami football across the table at her opponent.
  7. The opponent then gets four chances to flick the football so a part of it overhangs the edge of the table. The opponent then receives a touchdown, which is worth six points.
  8. If the football falls off the table entirely, the opponent gets to flick next. If it stays on the table and doesn’t overhang, the first player resumes possession.
  9. If one player makes a touchdown, then she gets to attempt to shoot the football through the goal posts. The opposing player makes goal posts using her fingers. If the player makes the goal, she receives another point.

Skin in the game

Get an actual football and let them play!  If they aren’t old enough or if there isnt space (or its too cold) let them play hide the football.

Superbowl Squares!  Such a fun easy game that keeps everyone involved for the entire game.  We made it easy for you with a board below.

Keep the team fed

Fun themed foods can be kid friendly and tasty.  Delish.com has a huge list of great crowd pleasers.  We taste tested some and our favorites were the Nachos, Buffalo chicken casserole, guacamole, and spinach dip.  A veggie and fruit platter is always a nice touch too!  Keep it easy!

Speaking of food, we usually do reusable napkins and plates but for a crowd paper options are good to have on hand.

Go team go!