2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Palm Beach Moms

A non “toy” gift every toddler loves.

A cozy chair that is allll theirs.  (Also makes a great Mom to Be gift if you know the baby’s name.).

Delta Children is family owned and has been making quality products you can trust for half a century.


Sunny the Mail Snail appeals to the bookworm in everyone! Great for helping cultivate children’s love of reading, Sunny delivers personalized letters to kids aged 4-8 around the world each week. Sunny’s letter service is based on a subscription service between one, three, six-monthly plans full of provoking questions, giggles, pique curiosity, and stimulate the imagination. Each letter is packed with adventurous stories and educational facts about animals and geography to capture kids’ attention. All letters include fun items such as stickers, temporary tattoos, secret code cards, and more! Parents love Sunny as a great role model who encourages reading, kindness, silliness, and learning. Letterboxes come with cuddly Sunny the Mail Snail stuffed toys and a world map to help keep track of all Sunny’s travels.


If we gave awards for fantastic gifts, this would get one. An interesting story comes to life! Gnome on the Roam is an interactive story that encourages children’s creativity. Their very own customizable DIY gnome comes in an adorable suitcase along with his favorite things: a copy of My Gnome on the Roam award-winning book, a journal filled with blank pages waiting to be filled, and a magical wooden pen. Designed for children to explore a lifetime of adventures with family and friends, offering countless hours of fun and connection.

Life is more than just reading stories–it’s about living them. Send yours from amazon here.

For a gift that means just a little bit more – consider BraveHoods.

BraveHoods is a pediatric cancer organization. They gift hoodies to kids with cancer and their sibling/s. We also sell our hoodies and for each shirt sold, one is gifted. We know everyone likes a comfortable hoodie so it is a good fit.  Why hoodies?

Being bald when you are a kid really stinks. BraveHoods help to manage stares from curious kids and adults. It also helps with temperature regulation and sun burns.

If you have a fan of outer space how about a trip to Kennedy Space Center?

To let them know about the trip you can gift them these fun plates from Colorfull Plates or this special way to memorialize a special date from Planets in Time (created by a mom of two)

Who on your list needs to relax more and/or supercharge their wellness?

Invented by a leading cardiac surgeon and backed by science(AND DESIGNED, SOURCED AND MADE IN WEST PALM), Xen uses a revolutionary platform to deliver a mild electrical signal via patented earbuds, targeting a branch of the vagus nerve in the ear. The first-of-its-kind, Xen syncs vagus nerve stimulation with your music and lifestyle as it fuses into your routine, improving balance and relief while commuting, working, watching TV, or hanging with pals. They produced it to be easy to use & convenient, so you can relax without the strain.  Our whole family enjoys ours!

While we are on the tech to support health topic -There is no better gift than the gift of sleep (or headache relief) for the busy mom! The Allay lamp is a revolutionary new therapy lamp that is a game changer for women who need better sleep as well as get non-pharmaceutical relief from headache and migraine pain, and stress/anxiety. The lamp makes for a wonderful holiday health and wellness gift!

The Allay Lamp is a unique therapy lamp that uses a narrow band of green light to calm the brain, promote sleep and relieve headache pain, all without relying on medication! Invented by a Harvard medical school professor and neuroscientist, it’s the ideal solution for many women who are very much in need of a good night sleep and battle insomnia or are struggling with headaches and migraines. The lamp’s band of wavelengths generate smaller electrical signals in the brain than regular light. Even other green bulbs and screens use a much wider spectrum that includes blue & yellow wavelengths which can irritate the eyes and brain. Allay’s patented glow naturally soothes the brain reducing stress, anxiety and headaches.

The Allay lamp is also a lifesaver for pregnant women and nursing moms who are seeking headache pain relief and are not able to use the stronger prescription migraine medications. Not to mention new moms struggling with not being able to get back to sleep when they have been up with their baby. And, even better news! It works on little ones who have a hard time getting to sleep too!!

This one has bene on my wish list for YEARS, but I never got around to it.  It has already saved us countless cans and added bubbly fun to almost every day.

This makes a great gift for anyone who likes bubbly.  Plus, it’s great to have around for holiday entertaining. Drinkmate allows you to carbonate any of your favorite beverages, from wine and coffee to water and juices.  I like to add my vitamin powders to the water.

DrinkMate makes a great one, it’s so easy a 7 year old can do it (closely supervised of course).


Johnsons Popcorn is always a hit.  Have it on hand for easy entertaining or makes a great gift.  Gifting is extra easy with their adorable holiday packaging.

Someone who has everything?  NO PROBLEM.  This is such a special way to let someone know how much you mean to them.

We made them for grandparents this year and am SO EXCTED to give them!  Heirloom allows you to create custom video books to send to someone you love. It is fast, easy, and oh-so-beautiful that you will want to make more for different occasions. To get started you select videos in the Heirloom app.  Once completed, Heirloom will ship your video book directly to the recipient. Each book comes fully charged and videos play automatically when the cover is opened. Heirloom is on a mission to make it possible for special moments to be shared with family and friends. A wonderful gift for birthdays, Holidays, sharing baby’s first moments, wedding save-the-dates, and so much more!  Learn more here.

I present you with an eco-conscious collection of heirloom-quality wooden puzzles featuring artwork by talented
up-and-coming artists.  Plastic free packaging and robust pieces that withstand the test of time are two rare things in the puzzle world.  Puzzle Lab ticks all the boxes.


​Perfect for a teacher, caregiver, or hostess gift (OR ME!) –  the Sugar Plum Chocolate and Chips Gourmet Chocolate Gifts Assortment comes with a full half a pound of their hand dipped potato chips, along with an assortment of other chocolate dipped goodies including: peanut butter cookies, sandwich cookies, biscotti, graham crackers and pretzel logs.

You can ship them to the recipient or keep on on hand for a gift or impromptu gathering.


People are usually tea OR coffee people.  I am tea all day every day so for me this is a dream.

Bonus, you can get it on amazon for fast free shipping.

I love finding small business on Amazon.

Michael Grace Gifts was started by a mom after moving from the big city to the beach.  She is a mom and fosters – while running this company.  Pretty incredible.

BONUS – I was looking for a gift for a loved one who is diabetic, and she loved this!


For the eco conscious person on your list – check out Z Wraps.  They are made in Massachusetts, and woman owned.

These super pliable, reusable food wraps are an incredibly easy to use alternative to single use plastic and stick down when you want them to—the first time(unlike some others).

Using Z Wraps for your cheese, bread, and veggies will keep them fresher and longer than plastic wrap. And they can be washed and reused for at least 6-18 months!

Christmas is just around the corner! And in case you’re looking for more sustainable ways to celebrate the season, Eco Lips has the answer for you.  The 2021 Holiday offering–Candy Cane Organic Lip Balm is sure to be a hit.  It makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift for yourself or loved ones.

As with other Eco Lips products, Candy Cane Organic Lip Balms are made with certified organic beeswax combined with hydrating Fair Trade Certified™ coconut oil to nourish, moisturize, and restore lips back to health. They also come in the brand’s revolutionary Plant Pod, a patented 100% plastic-free, plant-based packaging that looks and acts like a regular tube. How freaking cool is that?

Another practical little gift or stocking stuffer is LEMYN Organics is a medical grad, non-sticky hand-sanitizer.

Infused with organic aloe, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and orange peel, LEMYN is the, most effective, non-toxic formula out there.


 The kids love the name and the smell, we love the clean ingredients of Fairy Tales.

A travel pack makes a great “clue” for a travel gift.

(Side note – they have great lice products too!)


This bug catcher probably isn’t on your list, but gosh having it on hand when you get fruit flies overetaking your kitchen is AMAZING.

This lighter is rechargeable and lights everything with a safety factor so its the last lighter you will need.  My hubby had TWO on his wish
list, one for the RV and one for home.  I feel like a wizard using it to light candles!

And I love that its eco friendly and rechargeable being that you will never need another one.

Bring on travel and treat your good dog with seasonal SodaPup Treat Dispensers, Licking Mats, Chewers and more to help put your dog at ease while on the go. As a veteran-owned business, SodaPup is committed to manufacturing all of its products Made in the USA.  All SodaPup products are made from FDA compliant materials to ensure the safety of your dog. SodaPup is committed to sustainability and produces toys from materials that are earth friendly and/or recyclable. SodaPup has developed an innovative packaging system that reduces waste. SodaPup is also committed to giving back and donates to dog shelters as well as Law Enforcement and Military Working Dog organizations.
Encourage your whole family to lend a helping hand grooming and bathing your pets, keeping fur shedding to a minimum and their bond with your family – to a maximum with HandsOn Gloves.
The gloves work wet or dry and are available in 5 sizes including kids to help care for their beloved pets.
Welcome your beloved cat home with comfort and style wrapped inside a Cat Cave Bed made of 100% Organic Merino wool imported from New Zealand which is then hand-crafted through wet felting by artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. Cats are naturally attracted to the lanolins in the wool keeping cats and their caves smelling fresh.

My Pet Water Quality Test Kits for Domestic Animals
Gain peace of mind with the My Pet test kits released from Chris Myers the Senior Scientist and the Founder of Safe Home Test Kits (www.SafeHomeTestKits.com) The new kits to test your pets water were designed for testing freshwater sources, such as but not limited to: Well Water, Rain Water, Pond Water, Municipal Water, Filtered Water, Bottled Water, Spring Water, Lake Water or River Water.