2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Palm Beach Moms


We love giving gifts, it means you have someone to give them to which is really a great joy in itself.  Multiply that when you know the recipient will really enjoy what you have in store for them.  Our priorities besides trying for something they will appreciate are always experiential, eco friendly, and local supporting!

We have something for everyone(mom, dad, teachers, helpers, neighbors, young and older children) in all kinds of budgets in this first annual gift guide.  Below you will find items divided into kids, Dad, Mom, and Special Friends (like those amazing hard working teachers, caregivers, neighbors and so on).

Family Gift:

How about a lovable puppy from Big Dog Ranch Rescue.  Our rescue pup fills our house with love and I am OBSESSED with his little face.  Can you imagine bringing one home for the holidays with a big bow on the color.  Oh man.  
And of course you need Farm Hounds treats to welcome them home.  We love that they work with small producers so you know exactly where they come from.  
A fun way to share holiday cheer – especially in this strange year is outdoor decor.  This inflatable from Joiedomi was so easy I could do it!  Send one to a friend to cheer up the whole neighborhood!

The kiddos of course

We have been on the hunt for non screen fun.  SmartFelt Toys delivers.  You could have loved this when you were a kid and your grandkids will someday.  We have had ours for 4 days now and its still a smash with ages 4-9, and they are all playing together (they suggest ages 3 and up and we agree).  When they lose steam with it (if they do) I plan on putting it with our travel items – folds flat(or into a 3D house or barn) so makes a great travel toy.

Another great no screen gift is BusyBoxChild.  They have themed boxed and so much thought goes into them you just know a mom created them.  We have been enjoying the space themed one.  They have holiday themed ones too – would be a perfect gift to open early or send to a loved one.
An advent calendar is a fun way to have something to look forward to each day.  We love these from Joyin because they have all kinds of great themes like dinosaur, slime and more.
My kids have been asking for a watch, which I am ALL for, however the ones we have had before have not lasted.  We love these Armitron ones and they have lasted!  The ones we got were not listed as kids but we kid tested them.
A pass or membership to the Palm Beach Zoo is the gift that keeps on giving.
Stomp Rocket – is just so fun, plus the kids get out a ton of energy playing with them.

IRIS The Coloring Book –  Iris Apfel is a Visiting Professor at The University of Texas at Austin and oversees the UT in NYC program for aspiring fashion students. Each summer, she introduces an elite group of students to designers and cultural institutions – a literal “who’s who” of the fashion world. Her aim is to expose them to the many sides of the fashion industry. Students call this experience “life-changing” and career altering.  All proceeds from the book’s sales will support students’ travel and living expenses during their time with Iris in Manhattan in 2021 and beyond.

We also love a bicycle, movie passes, bowling vouchers, Lion Country Safari tickets, membership to the South Florida Science Museum or a turtle adoption from Loggerhead Marine Life.  Subscription boxes like Raddish Kids really are the gift that keeps on giving.  Books make great gifts too!


How about a fishing trips on the Blue Heron fishing fleet.

In our family we also give Dad 3 backpacks filled with items that are helpful for homeless people.  He usually gives them out driving home from Christmas Eve with the family.  The kids love helping fill them and when possible seeing him give them out.  (We will talk more about this in our Giving Guide)



A night on the town, a babysitter, a clean house.  ALLL will always do the trick.

Copyright Alyssa Bault

Simply Organic Bamboo provides a beautiful fiber to help us sleep and rejuvenate the way nature intended…without toxic chemicals. Plus, you will never go back to regular sheets again.  All the crispness of a freshly made bed, with the softness of, gosh I don’t even know, clouds?  And they wash well.  When you purchase from them, know that you are contributing to a better, more sustainable future for generations to come.  Sleep on that.

ArT Wine Preserver, because I know you really just want a glass but don’t want to have a whole bottle go bad…  or feel like you need to finish it.
RED Dark Chocolate is the first chocolate in the world containing up to half the calories of other Dark chocolates. RED was created using no added processed sugar which gives us our amazing taste with a reduced amount of fat. By not having the processed sugar, our calories for dark chocolate are up to 50% less calories and milk chocolate has 35%.  Our kids love the milk chocolate so it is a nice alternative to other sweets.  We melt it in a double boiler, dip in frozen banana bits and refreeze.  No-one can resist!
For the mom who might be taking better care of others than herself, we love the Underwear Intervention Box.  Yup, that is really what it is called.  Receiving mine made me clean out my panty drawer – those maternity panties don’t need to be there when I am not pregnant yikes!  They provide a pair for every occasion – and you will be converted by the quality.  This US based, woman owned company knows how to keep you comfy.  (Runs true to size)

Special friends (caretakers, teachers, host/hostess gifts, etc)

Wine is always a good hosting gift.  Pairing it with Art Wine preservation system is a no brainer.
Another great hosting gift is a charcuterie platter from Sprig and Board.  Team them up and come knock on my door!
For someone who wants nothing check out One Tree Planted.  They offer eco-friendly gifts including: One Tree Planted apparel, personalized greeting cards, and “plant a tree” kits; while giving back to the environment.  For every gift purchased, one tree will be planted.

We wish you the very happiest of Holidays with time well spent with the ones you love most.